Debt Deflation Warnings and SHIB Price Rise Lead to Eventful Crypto Week

Bullet Points:
– Jeff Booth warned of potential debt deflation with rising interest rates from the Federal Reserve.
– Brett Harrison, former President of FTX US, detailed his experience and relationship with CEO Sam Bankman-Fried.
– SHIB token saw a rise in price ahead of the Shibarium Beta launch.

This week saw a number of interesting developments in the world of cryptocurrency, with former FTX US President Brett Harrison sharing his experience and relationship with CEO Sam Bankman-Fried, and the SHIB token experiencing a rise ahead of the upcoming Shibarium Beta launch.

The Price of Tomorrow author Jeff Booth has made headlines with his warnings of a potential “great depression on steroids” should the U.S. Federal Reserve continue to hike interest rates. He believes that the Fed “will be forced to pivot” eventually, as debt deflation could have a serious impact on the economy.

The buzz around the anticipated layer two (L2) scaling solution known as Shibarium has been the backdrop for some dynamic price movements in shiba inu over the course of the week. The SHIB token has seen an increase in value as the launch of the Beta version of the scaling solution draws near.

Meanwhile, former President of FTX US Brett Harrison took to Twitter to share his experience with CEO Sam Bankman-Fried and his deputies, detailing the disputes that led him to leave the firm. In a 49-part thread, Harrison explained that his relationship with SBF “had reached a point of total deterioration”, and that his departure from the company was inevitable due to the disagreements between them.

All of these events have contributed to an interesting week of developments in the crypto space, with a number of stories to keep an eye on as the weeks progress. From Jeff Booth’s warnings of debt deflation, to the growing anticipation for the Shibarium Beta launch, there are sure to be more developments to come in the near future.